Demonstrate Your Love

2 John 1:6 (VOICE) Love is defined by our obedience to His commands. This is the same command you have known about from the very beginning; you must live by it.

Beloved, love is not flowery words and dramatic gestures. If you truly love Me, that love is made abundantly clear by the choices – both big and small – that you make each day. For those who love Me keep My commandments. A friend who claims to hold you in high esteem but betrays your confidence, allows their actions to belie their words.

Know My Word. Assess your actions. Ongoingly compare the two to ensure your claims of devotion to Me are underscored by your choices. Beloved, demonstrate your love – not out of a sense of obligation or ritual, but simply from a heart full of passion for Me.

Wings of Fire

Psalm 104:4 (VOICE) You make Your messengers like the winds; the breeze whispers Your words, Your servants are like the fire and flame.

Beloved, embrace the wind and soar upon the wings of My Spirit. Hear My voice, and be a vessel of My truth. With eyes of fiery passion that reflect My loving gaze, be moved with compassion for the lost, broken, and hurting – and love them as I love them.

Come soar with Me on wings of fire – with passion blazing for My Kingdom – a living offering, a life sold out to Me. Lay down your will that Mine might be accomplished. In humility, yield and surrender to Me. Then watch as I will give you strength.

Be Set Aflame

Song of Songs 8:6-7 (TPT) …Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being. Rivers of pain and persecution will never extinguish this flame. Endless floods will be unable to quench this raging fire that burns within you…

Beloved, allow My holy fire to overtake you. For as you walk through My refining, My zealous passion is deposited within you and you are set aflame. That fire burns bright and true, for you are holy and set apart for Me.

Be set aflame. Welcome My holy fire, and embrace the trials that refine you. Be holy as I AM holy. Let your life be a living testament to the Jealous God who loves you. For truly you are My beloved one, and your unquenchable passion to be further and further refined glorifies Me. Continue reading “Be Set Aflame”

Embrace the Holy Fire of My Life-Changing Love

Song of Songs 8:6 (TPT) …My passion is stronger than the chains of death and the grave, all consuming as the very flashes of fire from the burning heart of God…

Beloved, there is nothing that can dissuade Me from loving you. No sin too great, no shame too deep – refuse to confuse disappointment with rejection. I will never reject you, for you are deeply beloved by Me. Yes, there are decisions you may make (or have made) that grieve My heart, but you must know that much of that grief is because I know how it will effect you.

It hurts Me to see you in pain, trapped in shame, and caught in fruitless cycles that keep you from My best for you. These things do not cause Me to turn My back on you, but rather they cause My heart to weep for you. I have given you My Word that you might choose well, not so that I can take joy in seeing where you err and fall short.

You are My beloved, and, as you embrace that identity, you will be set free from the sins that so easily beset you. For My love strengthens and purifies you. So embrace the holy fire of My life-changing love and be transformed. Continue reading “Embrace the Holy Fire of My Life-Changing Love”

Be a Child

Matthew 19:14 (TPT) Jesus overheard them and said, “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to this truth: No one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these!”

Beloved, embrace the childlike innocence and unreserved faith of an infant. Allow yourself the unabashed curiosity and unrestrained exuberance of a toddler. Be a child – for you are My child, so look to Me, beloved. Look to Me.

For I welcome your enthusiasm, and I never grow weary of your thoughts. I give you free and complete access to My presence, and I love being your Father. Resist the urge to rein yourself in or try to tone yourself down, you are not “too much” for Me. I love you just the way you are.

Withhold Nothing

Hebrews 11:17 (VOICE) By faith Abraham, when he endured God’s testing, offered his beloved son Isaac as a sacrifice. The one who had received God’s promise was willing to offer his only son;

Beloved, withhold nothing from Me. Remember all you have is from My hand. So refuse to be like a dog growling at its  master’s outstretched hand as it enjoys a bone that was gifted from that very same hand. Trust all to Me. Resist the urge to guard or withhold from Me that which you hold dear.

If I instruct you in My Word not to frustrate your children, do you think I will turn around and do the opposite of what I instruct? Trust Me. I give and I take away, but I AM always working for good. Simply because I remove something doesn’t mean you’re “in trouble.” Trust that I AM working for your good.

So be passionate in your faith of Me. Withhold nothing. Demonstrate by your actions the level of belief you have in who I AM and the nature of My character. Let your unreserved faith declare Me worthy to all. Continue reading “Withhold Nothing”

Zealously Pursuant

Psalm 24: 3-4 (NIV) Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart…

Beloved, who may stand in My holy place? I pray that you would choose to relentlessly pursue Me just as I pursue you. That in doing so, your singleminded devotion to Me encourages you to righteousness – clean hands and a pure heart. 

I do not require perfection, but rather a zealous holy adoration complete with reverence and obedience. For that is truly a love for Me that brings forth life. So be holy as I AM holy. Love Me as I love you. And be as zealously pursuant of Me as I AM of you.

Holy Passion

Numbers 25:13 (NLT) In this covenant, I give him and his descendants a permanent right to the priesthood, for in his zeal for me, his God, he purified the people of Israel, making them right with me.”

Beloved, burn with holy passion for Me. Zeal without holiness is too easily influenced by the flesh. So be mindful to pursue both – holiness and passion – that you might be righteous in your zeal and reflect My heart. 

In your passion, sin not. Let Me set your heart ablaze, and burn away the dross that you might burn with a holy flame. Align your heart with Mine that the things that move Me might also move you. Feel and feel deeply, beloved, and allow your holy passion to be a mighty force for My Kingdom. 

Burn Brightly

Revelation 2:4 (TPT) But I have this against you: you have abandoned the passionate love you had for me at the beginning.

Beloved, refuse to allow your flame to dim. And if you find your passion for Me is naught but smoldering embers, stir them up to roaring flames. Ask Me to blow on your embers and ignite you to flame. Seek Me as one who is suffocating seeks breath. Knock and be persistent in your pursuit. Refuse to be waylaid or derailed.

Burn brightly, My love. Hold fast to your first love, quickly seeking to regain it if you see your passion dimmed. I will settle for nothing less than your whole heart, and I will offer you nothing less than all of Mine. I AM worthy of your best. Refuse to hold back. Refuse to mute your passion so as not to offend someone else, or be concerned that you will draw attention to their own waning blaze. Burn, and burn brightly. Continue reading “Burn Brightly”

Burn with Zeal

Acts 2:3 (TPT) Then all at once a pillar of fire appeared before their eyes. It separated into tongues of fire that engulfed each one of them.

Beloved, be engulfed in My flame, for the fire of My love – of My Spirit – is mighty and life-changing. Yield to its power. Allow yourself to be overtaken by My passion, and allow My passion to become your own. Embrace the flame, and burn with zeal.

Choose to be one who burns with zeal. And know that fiery passion doesn’t always manifest boldly from a human perspective. Sometimes that zeal manifests as a tenacious quiet – a steadfastness of faith. So whether you’re zeal manifests loudly or softly, let your passion for Me burn brightly for all to see.