Time to Blossom

Song of Solomon 4:12 (VOICE) You are a locked garden, my sister, my bride, open only to me; a spring closed up tight, a sealed fountain.

Beloved, I’ve set you apart, for you are Mine and Mine alone. Your heart belongs to Me. You are accepted and chosen, cherished and loved. I AM devoted to you – you mean the world to Me.

Rest in My favor. Be shored up by My strength. For My love is steadfast and true. My eyes are upon you, My ear is attentive, and My heart is forever true. So rest in My goodness, and rest in My love. Flourish in the safe place that My affection grants you. It’s now time to blossom and come to fullness of joy, to bloom nourished by the love that surrounds you.

Love Yourself

Mark 12:31 (TPT) And the second is this: ‘You must love your neighbor  in the same way you love yourself.’ You will never find a greater commandment than these.”

Beloved, in order to effectively love others, you must first love yourself. For if your heart is filled with judgment and criticism for yourself that cannot help but spill out onto others. Therefore, you must instead choose a different way.

Reflect My heart not simply towards others, but also towards yourself. For if I saturate you in My unconditional love, who are you to determine yourself unloveable? So decide in your heart to love yourself – and do so well, and then from that place of joyous stability, may you overflow love towards others too.

I Choose {Moments with God}

{Acknowledging truth to God} If I am fearfully and wonderfully made, You are not shocked by my weaknesses or failures. You aren’t wondering where You went wrong or wishing You’d made me differently. You have created me for Your own good purpose. Areas of perceived weakness and all. You have accepted me. So how can I do anything less for myself? Who am I to criticize Your handiwork? You created me with full knowledge of the plans You had in store. You created me and prepared me accordingly. So who am I to sit in judgment of what You deemed good? Of who You consider prepared?

{Declaring} I will yield to Your wisdom, and trust in Your judgment – believe what You say is true. So if You say I’m lovely, and You say I’m chosen, I’ve determined to agree with You. I trust You to lead me, and have faith in Your plans – I know You to be wise and true. So wherever You call me and whatever You ask of me – that’s what I’m planning to do. I choose to believe. I choose to trust. I choose to yield. So be glorified and lifted high – may I be known for being like You.

Psalm 139:14 (TPT) I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking. It simply amazes me to think about it! How thoroughly you know me, Lord!

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: Exult in You

Shine Without Hesitation

Psalm 125:5 (AMP) But as for those who turn aside to their crooked ways [in unresponsiveness to God], The Lord will lead them away with those who do evil. Peace be upon Israel.

Beloved, you have been set apart. Chosen. Anointed and appointed. Refuse to compromise who you are for the sake of fitting in, or try to lessen or change yourself to make others feel less threatened by the light you reflect.

Shine without hesitation. Shine without apology. Shine because you are reflecting the light of My countenance and bringing Me glory. May your fruit be sweet – may it be the fruit of My Spirit. Be bold and be beautiful, for that is how I created you to be.

Psalm 125:1-5 (AMP) Those who trust in and rely on the Lord [with confident expectation] Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but remains forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the Lord surrounds His people From this time forth and forever. For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land of the righteous, So that the righteous will not reach out their hands to do wrong. Do good, O Lord, to those who are good And to those who are upright in their hearts. But as for those who turn aside to their crooked ways [in unresponsiveness to God], The Lord will lead them away with those who do evil. Peace be upon Israel.

My Favored One

Isaiah 61:7 (NLT) Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Beloved, I have not called you to be unimportant, overlooked, or shamed. I have anointed you to be an overcomer. In Me and by My Spirit, you walk in victory and grace. So grab hold of that identity with both hands and refuse to let go.

You are My favored one – covered in My goodness and blessing. You lack no good thing. Take stock and see with new eyes the blessings that surround you. Be intentional to focus on gratitude rather on your perceived lack. Trust Me, and trust My hand on your life.

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: Favor of God

The Apple of My Eye

Psalm 17:8 (VOICE) Keep close watch over me as the apple of Your eye; shelter me in the shadow of Your wings.

Beloved, just as you are pained if someone injures the pupil of your eye, so do I feel every hurt and wound you experience. For you are the apple of My eye – My beloved one, My focus, and I care for you more than you could begin to comprehend.

Though trials will surely come – for they always do – know that the shelter of My wings is always there for you to turn to. I AM steadfast and I AM faithful, and My love continues from generation to generation without end. So rest, knowing I AM watching over you and I AM with you, for you are Mine. Continue reading “The Apple of My Eye”

You Have Something to Give

Psalm 139:16 (VOICE) You see all things; You saw me growing, changing in my mother’s womb; Every detail of my life was already written in Your book; You established the length of my life before I ever tasted the sweetness of it.

Beloved, I know the number of your days before they begin. Not one shall be stolen from you. Just as some flowers bloom brilliantly for a moment only to be gone the next, while others share their steady glory for years – the number of each person’s days are unique to them. Each day, each moment, has a purpose and a good plan.

The world needed you. So I made you to be a gift to My creation. Share the gift that is you liberally, for there is blessing both in the giving and the receiving. Never doubt your worth. Resist the urge to question whether the world has need of you – I wouldn’t have created you if it didn’t. You have something to give. It’s important. It’s good. It is you. Continue reading “You Have Something to Give”

Cherished and Prized

Psalm 139:13 (VOICE) For You shaped me, inside and out. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb long before I took my first breath.

Beloved, I made you. So do you think there is one single nuance about you that I’m unaware of? Of course not. And if that is true, do you think it’s possible I could be surprised at your ability to mess things up or get things wrong? Or even to flagrantly choose poorly for years on end, and then struggle with feeling “worthy” to come back home?

Nothing about you is unknown to Me. I know all of you, and I have opened My arms and welcomed you. More than that, there is nothing I want more than fellowship with you. I choose you. Do you think I could be God of all creation, but yet somehow be flawed in My judgement in that you are worth loving? Or is there something so uniquely amazing about you that I AM able to see it even if you are not? Continue reading “Cherished and Prized”

Through Your Eyes {Moments with God}

Psalm 139:6 (VOICE) It is the most amazing feeling to know how deeply You know me, inside and out; the realization of it is so great that I cannot comprehend it.

{Speaking to God in my heart} Father, You amaze me. The level of detail You’re mindful of in my heart and life is truly mind boggling. You understand my heart motivations even in the moments I can’t (or won’t) see them. And like the loving Father You are, You find a way to bring the things to light that I need to know. And You do it without shaming me. You do it without making me feel like I’m inherently flawed. In fact, just the opposite! As I see myself in the reflection of Your eyes – the way You treat me and the way You love me – I see someone worth being kind to. I see someone worth being patient with. I see someone who is not disposable, but who is worth tending to and healing. You don’t just get rid of me when I’m feeling broken or struggling to understand something – even when it’s the bajillionth time I’m making the same mistake, you correct me just as lovingly as if it were the first. When I see myself through Your eyes, I see someone cherished and prized. And when You treat me as You do, I feel encouraged to do the same. Thank you for the gift of seeing myself as You see me. May I never lose sight of that vision, but if I do – thank you in advance for patiently helping me find it again. Continue reading “Through Your Eyes {Moments with God}”

Love Yourself Well

Psalm 139:3 (VOICE) You observe my wanderings and my sleeping, my waking and my dreaming, and You know everything I do in more detail than even I know.

Beloved, nothing about you is unseen. Not one thing about you is beneath My notice. So resist the urge to marginalize yourself, or refuse to give yourself and your own needs adequate attention. You are worth being mindful of. You are worthy of being seen.

Make no mistake, I’m not encouraging selfish indulgence, but too often those who are most supportive of others begrudge themselves the slightest comfort. Loving others as you love yourself (Mark 12:31) requires first loving yourself, which includes seeing to your own needs. So choose to love yourself well, that the love you express to others may be all the richer because it comes from your personal overflow. Continue reading “Love Yourself Well”