Be an Advocate for Peace

Proverbs 12:20 (VOICE) Deceit darkens the hearts of those who plot evil, but advocates of peace have joy.

Beloved, an advocate pleads the case of what they believe in. They defend it, and fiercely support it. They are intentional to advance its interests. What are you an advocate for? What do you fiercely support? What are you fighting for?

Be an advocate for peace – an advocate for My Kingdom. Whether this means standing against the ploys of evil or working to change the hearts of those who bring turmoil or simply loving well and doing so with abandon. Be intentional where you invest your time and energy, and be an advocate for good.

Be Wise of Speech

Proverbs 12:18 (VOICE) Thoughtless words cut deeply like a thrusting sword, but the speech of the wise is a healing balm.

Beloved, be wise of speech, choosing each word with intentionality. Speak from an understanding that each word is a seed you are depositing – it will bring forth either life or death. So be deliberate what harvest you hope to reap, and sow accordingly.

Resist the urge to surrender to momentary emotions by venting hurtful words that may maim for years to come. Instead let hard words be chosen with care that they might break that they can bind, so healing can blossom forth. Speak life, and do so with love. Let your words reflect Me and My heart. Continue reading “Be Wise of Speech”

Embrace the Truth with Joy

Proverbs 12:15 (VOICE) Fools follow their own directions and think they are right, but wise people listen intently to advice.

Beloved, My sheep know My voice. So whether My breath flows from the mouth of a stranger, friend, child, or from heaven above, be wise enough to heed it. If you know Me, you will recognize My voice regardless of what vessel I use to deliver My words.

So remain humble and open. Strong convictions are good if they are rooted in Me, but, when founded in self-righteousness and pride, they are a stumbling block and an idol. If your beliefs are rooted in Me, they will not be shaken by humbly listening to those who would speak into your life.

Trust Me to lead. Trust Me to make truth clear. Be open to My direction and insight even if it challenges what you believe you know. For as you grow, I reveal more to you. I’m not changing, but as your ability to understand Me develops, so can I reveal new truths and aspects of My character that you might continue to grow. So be open and listen, and be ready to embrace the truth with joy.

Thwart Worry’s Attacks

Proverbs 12:25 (VOICE) The weight of worry drags us down, but a good word lightens our day.

Beloved, worry is a bully and a thief. It steals your peace and your time, all while agitating you and causing discomfort. So refuse to engage. Resist the urge to get sucked into its energy-depleting cycles and instead rest in Me. 

When worries come to weigh you down, speak My truth to yourself. Be intentional to remind yourself of who I AM and who you are to Me. You don’t need to fear, for I AM faithful and good, and I love My children. So thwart worry’s attack by being steadfast in My truth and trusting My sovereignty.

Rest and Rely on the Lover of Your Soul

Proverbs 3:23-24 (VOICE) Then each one of your steps will land securely on your life’s journey, and you will not trip or fall. Your mind will be clear, free from fear; when you lie down to rest, you will be refreshed by sweet sleep.

Beloved, rest in Me. Trust Me to guide each step – gently correcting when necessary – and strengthening you along the way as you lean on Me. Live in the place of peace that brings.

In Me, there is no fear. In Me, there is no confusion. Rest and rely on the Lover of your soul, because in Me your peace abounds. So be still, beloved, and sleep sweetly in My arms. I hold you fast and will never let you go.

Fountain of Life

Proverbs 10:19 (VOICE) The more you talk, the more likely you will cross the line and say the wrong thing; but if you are wise, you’ll speak less and with restraint.

Beloved, be circumspect with your words, for it is far too easy to get carried away and indulge yourself with worthless chatter. Rather it would be wise to pause before speaking to consider the value of what you want to say.

Weigh your words to determine if they bring life, hope, and encouragement, or if they bring doubt, hurt, and fear. Choose wisely, and choose intentionally. Show yourself wise by guarding your tongue, and being intentional to have your words be a fountain of life.

Worth the Wait

Proverbs 8:34 (VOICE) The one who listens to me, who carefully seeks me in everyday things and delays action until my way is apparent, that one will find true happiness.

Beloved, wait on Me. I desire to be heard even more than you desire to hear Me. If you take the time to listen, I will ensure that I AM heard. For I love to share with My children. I love when you curl up at my feet – that intimacy is so sweet to Me. So press in, for I AM here.

Wait on My instruction, and listen to My voice. That is the path of blessing, and I will happily show the way. Resist the urge to presume My thoughts or to rely on your own wisdom. Instead, be intentional to wait on Me, for I AM worth the wait.

Heed My Words

Proverbs 8:36 (VOICE) But heed my warning: the one who goes against me will only hurt himself, for all who despise me are playing with fire and courting death.

Beloved, I long to see you prosper. When I give you instructions or even a warning, I’m not doing so because I like to be in control or simply to exert My will over yours. I do it because I have understanding you do not. And if you will but trust Me, I will lead you rightly and save you much pain.

However, for those who resist My instructions and who refuse to heed My admonishments, avoidable hardships will obstruct their path. This is not some cruel retaliation on My part for the one who doesn’t give Me proper respect, but rather it is simply cause and effect. If you play with fire, you’d be foolish to be surprised when you get burned.

So heed My words, beloved, and heed them well. With a heart full of wisdom, choose to trust Me implicitly, and obey in love. For when you do, you will be blessed coming and going. And I richly desire that you flourish because I long to see you prosper.

Find Your Shelter in Me

Proverbs 29:25 (VOICE) If you fear other people, you are walking into a dangerous trap; but if you trust in the Eternal, you will be safe.

Beloved, refuse to be caught in the snare of the enemy. Resist the urge to be caught up in the fear of man, for I AM Lord of All. What man is higher than Me? Whose hand extends further than Mine?

Find peace in Me, beloved. I AM El Elyon, the most high God, and there is none above Me. Find your shelter in the shadow of My wings, and in that place find your rest. I AM all you need.

Yield, Trust, and Obey

Proverbs 1:7 (TPT) How then does a man gain the essence of wisdom? We cross the threshold of true knowledge when we live in obedient devotion to God. Stubborn know-it-alls will never stop to do this, for they scorn true wisdom and knowledge.

Beloved, too often men rely on their own wisdom, scorning My instruction in favor of their own judgment. As if their limited views could steer them more accurately or somehow work more in their favor than yielding to Me.

Beloved, choose humility. Choose to yield to My will in favor of your own knowing I see what you do not. And I know things that are hidden from you. Choose to obey My Word and trust My voice. I will steer you rightly.

And though the path will not always be easy (for character is developed in hardship), I can promise that it is always good. So yield, trust, and obey, beloved. Yield, trust, and obey.