Watch and Wait and See {Moments with God}

{my heart cries} Hear me, Lord. My heart weeps until I feel like I could burst. The aching of this heartache seems endless and unbearable, and yet I know You are faithful. And yet I know I can rest in You. I trust You to bring beauty from these ashes, for You are good and Your goodness will reign forever – like a downpour of rain, Your goodness unfailingly saturates us.

{He whispers} Trust Me. Feel the gentle flow of My Spirit at work. Feel the movement from My breath as I bring life where it seemed nothing could flourish again. I AM the restorer. I AM the redeemer. I bring life, and do so abundantly. Wait and watch and see.

Psalm 17:6 (VOICE) I am crying aloud to You, O True God, for I long to know Your answer. Hear me, O God. Hear my plea. Hear my prayer for help.

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: His Timing/Seasons

Land of Blessing

Psalm 16:6 (TPT) Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I’m overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following you, for you have given me the best!

Beloved, walk with Me and step into your land of promise. Trust Me, and yield to My path and My ways. See what I have in store for you: blessings in ways you never imagined, and beauty from ashes too.

Resist the urge to judge circumstances with human eyes, but rather tune into your spiritual senses and see all I have in store. See the impact of what I’ve called you to and walk it out in humble obedience as I bring you into your land of blessing.

Righteous Reflection

Psalm 141:5 (VOICE) Let those who do right strike me down in kindness and correct me in love. Their kind correction washes over my head like pure oil; do not let me be foolish and refuse such compassion…

Beloved, stay receptive to correction and open to instruction. Let those who speak in wisdom reflect My heart. For I guide you with My eye, and chasten those I love, so expect My direction from wherever it may come.

Refuse to take offense to admonishment. For even when unkindly given, it may give insight that can strengthen you. So bring it all to Me in prayer, trusting that I will lead you. Then in humility live as best as you can as a righteous reflection of Me.

Elohim Yachal (God of Hope)

Psalm 138:8 (VOICE) The Eternal will finish what He started in me. Your faithful love, O Eternal One, lasts forever; do not give up on what Your hands have made.

Beloved, I rejoice in My creation. I love the works of My hands. I AM intimately acquainted with your makeup, and nothing concerning you is hidden from Me. And I love you. I love you with an everlasting love that is unchanging.

Resist the urge to doubt My love, or your worth to receive it. Instead simply accept its steadfastness, and know that nothing can cause Me to give up on you. I will finish the good work I have begun in you, so refuse to give up on yourself or to struggle with hopelessness.

For I AM the God of hope, Elohim Yachal, and I AM most able to do all that I have set out and promised to do. Rest in faith. Rest in hope. And believe.

Weigh Each Word

Psalm 141:3 (ESV) Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!

Beloved, listen to My Spirit’s direction over the words that you speak. Stay sensitive to My leading. For your words have more power than you begin to understand, and they must be treated with care.

Refuse to allow your mouth to be a vessel of death – for the power of life and death is in your tongue. So choose carefully, beloved. Choose life. Therefore, weigh each word to determine the fruit that it will bear – refusing to indulge your flesh, instead choosing life and the fruits of My Spirit. Continue reading “Weigh Each Word”

Function in My Flow

Psalm 138:3 (VOICE) On the day I needed You, I called, and You responded and infused my soul with strength.

Beloved, close your eyes and feel the breath of My Spirit across your face. My life, which brings liberty, invigorating you and bringing refreshing. Breathe it in, beloved. Receive – by faith receive.

Just as you need air to sustain your very life, My Spirit is necessary for you to live and move and have your being. Refuse to function outside of My flow. Resist the urge to struggle against Me. Beloved, this is the essence of faith. Yield, and flow in My Spirit of life.

Trust Implicitly

Psalm 138:7 (VOICE) Whenever I walk into trouble, You are there to bring me out. You hold out Your hand to protect me against the wrath of my enemies, and hold me safely in Your right hand.

Beloved, as you follow the road of life, trust that I know what is behind each bend and beyond each corner. For I know the beginning from the end, and the whole of the journey in between. So trust Me to lead.

Just as you trust implicitly in a map or GPS if you are traveling in an unknown area, so you should have that same unreserved faith in Me. Have enough faith to rely even when you do not know or understand where you are headed. Trust that I will not lead you astray.

And rather than spend the journey fretting about what is to come, focus on enjoying the ride. Relax as you allow Me to lead, and remember to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way.

Put Your Trust in Me

Psalm 56:11 (AMP) In God have I put my trust and confident reliance; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

Beloved, resist any temptation to be intimidated by men. For I AM God – I AM able to bestow honor and riches and favor. You need never strive for those things. Nor need you be worried over men’s machinations or threats, for I AM always with you and My right hand upholds you.

Men have what power I have allowed, you need not fear them or feel forced to trust them. Instead trust Me. Instead give reverence and honor to Me, for I AM the only true God. Refuse to even allow your fears or your tears to give more honor to them than you would to Me. Trust Me to meet every need, for I AM good.

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: Choose Who You Trust and Honor

Loving Ears

Psalm 17:6 (TPT) You will answer me, God; I know you always will, like you always do as you listen with love to my every prayer.

Beloved, think not that I am deaf to your petitions simply because I do not answer quickly or in the way you expected. I listen with the loving ears of One who adores you and who has the utmost concern for the things that matter to you.

You can trust Me with the desires of your heart and the prayers of your deepest longing. Share them with Me, beloved, that we might hold them close together. For I AM faithful to respond, and always faithful to be working for good.

Embrace the Adventure

Psalm 62:5 (NKJV) My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation [is] from Him.

Beloved, hold loosely that which is to come. Trust Me, and trust in My plans – even when they take unexpected form. For I AM good, and My plans for you are good – regardless of whether they are expected or not.

So embrace the adventure. Trust Me to be at work on your behalf, and make each step as I lead you. You need not see the journey’s end when you begin, for therein lies the essence of faith. So embrace the adventure, and rest your expectations in Me.