Generous with Patience

Ephesians 4:2 (TPT) With tender humility and quiet patience, always demonstrate gentleness and generous love toward one another, especially toward those who may try your patience.

Beloved, choose to be generous with patience. Resist the urge to surrender to a fleshly response when you are tried. For as you stay rooted in humility, you are fully able to choose the high road – to walk in love, even when it may not seem “deserved.” 

It is no great feat to offer patience to those who appreciate it and never trample on it. But truly My glory is seen in you when you choose to love the unloveable, and extend grace, patience, and forgiveness to those who may not even be aware they have done wrong.

Love big. Let humility fill your core, and patience pour forth in love. For, beloved, you never know when your godly kindness will literally change someone’s life. Isn’t that possibility worth the cost of your pride? Know that as you walk in this kind of grace, you are storing up treasures in heaven, and reflecting My heart on earth.

Passionate Awakening

Song of Solomon 8:4 (VOICE) …Heed my warning: I charge you not to excite your love until it is ready. Don’t stir a fire in your heart too soon, until it is ready to be satisfied.

Be patient, beloved, and trust My timing. Resist the urge to be impatient or to move ahead of My plans. Everything must be in its season. You cannot rush a fruit to ripen, nor speed the growth of a child through nagging, so resist the urge to try.

Wait upon Me. Surrender to My cadence. Stay in step. Allow your longing to grow to full maturation without it edging into frustration or agitation. Enjoy the blooming season, and embrace the passionate awakening wholeheartedly in its time.

Harvest of Love

Psalm 96:7 (VOICE) Give all credit to the Eternal, families of the world! Credit Him with glory, honor, and strength!

Beloved, remember who I AM and see Me rightly. Recognize the works of My hands and honor them as the prized creations that they are. This includes you. This includes all My children. Resist the urge to treat lightly one that I love. Refuse to be tempted to hurt or belittle one that I took time to create.

Just as a broken vessel doesn’t accurately reflect its intended design, so those around you may have similar cracks and seeming defects. And yet I love them. And yet I value them. Will you not choose to see what I see? Instead of judging based on imperfections, ask Me to show you My true design. Catch the vision and align your heart, expectations, and actions with that. As you do that, expect to reap a rich harvest of love.  Continue reading “Harvest of Love”