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Book Description 

Daily Downloads from Heaven is a collection of brief, Bible-based devotionals to encourage, comfort, and exhort you in your daily life. Each nugget gives you truths to ponder that will challenge you to a stronger, deeper walk of faith and foster a deeper relationship with God.

Some 5-star reviews from Amazon:

  • Annette – Wonderful tool – “Highly encourage this book/devotional. It definitely is the heart of the Father, speaking His words to you. It will help you know His voice and you will learn to cultivate your ears to hear Him more and more. Let the words wash over you and put your name in those promises.
  • Jean – Great devotional – “This is a wonderfully written devotional. I love that you can pick it up and read the individual devotions at random without having to follow any particular order. I also love that you can read one each day or several if you like. This would make a great gift to bless someone with. It has blessed me!
  • Carolyn – Perfect daily devotional! Love it! – “This is a beautifully written book. Perfect for a daily devotional or as a pick me up on a not so terrific day. I love it and I am going to order more to give as gifts.
  • Elisa – A wonderful addition to my bookshelf – “I have been looking forward to receiving my copy of Daily Downloads from Heaven. I have been subscribed to Meghan’s website for a few years, and I have really been blessed by the daily “nuggets” she receives. They are bite-sized encouragements from the heart of the Father that really pack a spiritual punch. I really appreciate having the first collection of nuggets on my bookshelf. Already, the Father has been speaking to me through words I came across before on her blog; He reveals new facets because I’m in a different place in my walk with Him than when I first read those words. I also across new words that I somehow missed. It’s great to be able to just open to a random part of the book and hear God speak something that is so appropriate for my present moment. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you are looking to grow in hearing from the Lord yourself. Not only does this collection of words present you with an idea of how God speaks, but Meghan shares some insights into spiritual listening from her own walk with God. There are definitely tips I would have appreciated hearing when I was young in the faith.

Additional Information 

Our Daily Downloads from Heaven (aka Prophetic Nuggets) are also available in their unedited form here on this site. They can be received daily via email by subscribing below. We hope they’re a blessing to you!

Other Places to Find the Daily Downloads 

You can also find the daily downloads in use in Dyed4you Ministries silk letters and art words. Find out more.