Fullness of Power and Authority

2 Samuel 22:18-19 (VOICE) He rescued me from my strong enemy and from all those who hated me, for they would have overwhelmed me. When my enemies came for me on the day of my destruction, the Eternal stepped in to support me.

Beloved, I AM your support and your firm foundation. I AM your safe port in any storm.  I AM not daunted by the challenges that find you, nor am I incapable of seeing you through. I AM on your side. I protect and I shield you. I AM your rear guard. You will never know all the things I have kept from hindering you, but what you can know – and can fully trust – is that I AM always with you, available with strength, wisdom, and direction to see you through. 

So trust in Me, but also trust that I have rightly equipped you for each moment and each event of your life. I have made you strong and able, for you are made in My image. This isn’t about powering through in human strength, but rather stepping into the fullness of power and authority that comes with walking in unity – in Oneness – with Me.

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Held in Oneness

2 Samuel 22:17 (VOICE) He reached down from above me, He held me; He pulled me from the raging waters.

Beloved, I AM Olam Zerowa, the everlasting arms. In My embrace you are safely held. So reach for Me (which is simply allowing yourself to tune in to what already is), knowing I will always respond (for I AM always here), and cling to Me knowing in my hold you are always safe. 

My love knows no time nor distance. I AM ever-present and ever loving you. Rest in the delight of that intimacy, knowing I am steadfast and true, and I will never leave you or forsake you. We are united in love. We are one. 

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Wondrous Oneness

2 Samuel 22:2-3 (VOICE) [He is] My strong shield, my horn that calls forth rescue, my tall-walled tower and strong refuge, My savior from violence.

Beloved, I AM your horn of strength. You have nothing to fear for I AM, and we are one. I delight in you as a husband delights in his bride. I would give all My limitless strength to protect you. You are loved and you are safe. 

I AM fully able to protect you and to snatch you from the edge before you fall. Surrender to the wondrous oneness, and trust you are safely held in My everlasting arms. 

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