You are an Overcomer

Micah 7:8 (CSB) Do not rejoice over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will stand up; though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.

Beloved, in the moments you feel down, remember that you will most assuredly rise again. And as the darkness seems to overwhelm, remember My daylight always comes. For I AM YHVH El-Ashiyb – the Lord God Restorer, and I bring forth life from death. Behold, I make all things new.

Rest in Me. Trust that no matter how dark and dismal things may seem, I AM with you and I AM moving. For I AM the God of the impossible, for with Me nothing is impossible. You are an overcomer, beloved. So stand strong in Me.

Trust My Mighty Breaker Anointing

2 Samuel 5:20 (VOICE) So David battled the Philistines at Baal-perazim and defeated them. David: The Eternal has broken through my enemies in front of me like water bursting through a dam. That is why the place was named Baal-perazim, meaning “the Lord who bursts through.”

Beloved, I brought water from a rock that quenched a nation. Do you believe your circumstances are more dire, or a solution more impossible? There is nothing too hard for Me. Trust My mighty breaker anointing, for I AM fully able to break through.

My solutions often take unexpected form, so be ready and alert that you will receive your blessing in its time. I AM a creative God, for I AM YHVH Bore – the Lord your creator. Watch, and see Me move. For I brought forth light from nothingness, and I still speak forth life into existence today.

Resist the Devil

James 4:7 (CJB) Therefore, submit to God. Moreover, take a stand against the Adversary, and he will flee from you.

Beloved, keep your focus on Me. Resist the wiles of the enemy, and he will give up on you and cede your victory. You don’t need to yell and scream at him or shake your fist, instead simply remain focused on Me.

For I AM the power, and you find your strength in Me. So trust Me to bring the breakthrough, for when I set you free, you are unquestionably free. Revel in that freedom and fix your gaze on Me.

John 8:36 (NKJV) Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:36 (TPT) So if the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be unquestionably free!

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: Incremental Breakthrough 

Reach for Me

Psalm 18:16 (TPT) He then reached down from heaven, all the way from the sky to the sea. He reached down into my darkness to rescue me! He took me out of my calamity and chaos and drew me to himself, taking me from the depths of my despair!

Beloved, in moments of desperation or despair, reach for Me and you will find Me already reaching for you. So grab hold, and refuse to let go. Trust Me to be your safe place of refuge. I AM YHVH Misgab – the Lord your strong tower, and YHVH Manowc – the Lord your refuge.

Put your trust in Me, for I AM mighty to save and no one is beyond My reach. So grab hold, for I AM YHVH Ezer – the Lord your help, and Elohim Yakol – God most able. Look to Me as I move in breakthrough, and then give glory for I AM King. Continue reading “Reach for Me”

El Perazim (God of Breakthrough)

Psalm 18:15 (TPT) Then with his mighty roar he laid bare the foundations of the earth, uncovering the secret source of the sea. The hidden depths of land and sea were exposed by the hurricane-blast of his hot breath.

Beloved, no root is buried so deeply I can’t find it, for nothing is hidden from My eyes. I bring the things in darkness into the light. I divide right and wrong with the truth of My Word. I part the seas with My breath. And beloved, I bring change for you in the exact moment it’s needed.

When you yield your heart to Me, I will not allow the wounds therein to fester. But like waters bursting through a dam, I will wash away the pain and the hurt with the torrent of My love. I refuse to be restrained or held back. I AM the God that breaks through – El Perazim (God of Breakthrough). Continue reading “El Perazim (God of Breakthrough)”

Look to Me for Breakthrough

Psalm 18:14 (TPT) He released his lightning-arrows, and routed my foes. See how they ran and scattered in fear!

Beloved, at the snap of My fingers everything changes. Breakthrough doesn’t have to be long and arduous, it can happen in a moment. Why do you think the enemy trembles at My name?

Remember that breakthrough often manifests in the heavenlies before you see it with your natural senses. So trust and rejoice, knowing I AM God of the breakthrough. The breaker anointing is of My Spirit, so look to Me for breakthrough. Continue reading “Look to Me for Breakthrough”

The Power of My Voice

Psalm 18:13 (TPT) The Lord thundered, the great God above every god spoke with his thunder-voice from the skies. What fearsome hailstones and flashes of fire were before him!

Beloved, refuse to underestimate the power of My voice. I spoke creation into being. A word from Me causes mountains to tumble and seas to become dry land. If I can move heaven and earth by the words from My lips, why do you question My ability to shift things for you?

No circumstance you find yourself in is too much for Me to resolve. No addiction you’re facing is more powerful than I AM. No heart wound is too deep, no relationship too fractured – nothing is too much for Me to walk you through. So trust Me, and simply listen for My voice – then wait for things to shift. Behold, I AM God. Continue reading “The Power of My Voice”

I Wield My Power with Wisdom

Psalm 18:12 (TPT) Suddenly the brilliance of his presence broke through with lightning bolts and with a mighty storm from heaven— like a tempest dropping coals of fire.

Beloved, I AM able to bring dramatic and instantaneous breakthrough. In the same way that lightning rapidly and powerfully strikes – bringing immediate change and intensity, so I AM able to move quickly and with extreme power.

Trust Me to wield that power with wisdom. Simply because I do not move in your timing doesn’t mean I’m unable to do so. It just means My plans are different than yours. Beloved, choose to trust My plans. Breakthrough will come in My perfect timing. Trust Me. Continue reading “I Wield My Power with Wisdom”

Embrace the Season

Psalm 126:6 (VOICE) Those who weep as they walk and plant with sighs Will return singing with joy, when they bring home the harvest.

Beloved, for all things there is a season. A time to mourn and a time to rejoice. Resist the urge to fight the season you’re in. If it is a time to cry, allow yourself the grace to do so knowing that a time for joy will be just around the bend. 

And beloved, once the time for joy has come, release your garments of mourning and choose to step into the new day. Know that grief and joy are a part of life, and there is much to learn from both. Embrace the season you are in, and learn what you can from it. 

Remember that contrast is a part of life. Darkness contrasts the radiance of the light, just as the pain of sorrow contrasts the sweetness of joy. Allow each season and all the contrasts that paint the story of your life to be what they are – in all their bold beauty, just as you are loved and embraced in all your strengths and weaknesses as the beautiful creation you are. And trust that I AM at work for good in it all.  Continue reading “Embrace the Season”

YHVH Bore (the Lord your Creator)

Genesis 1:2 (VOICE) At first the earth lacked shape and was totally empty, and a dark fog draped over the deep while God’s spirit-wind hovered over the surface of the empty waters. Then there was the voice of God.

Beloved, I AM YHVH Bore, the Lord your Creator, and I AM still speaking life today. Just as My Son called Lazarus from the tomb and He came forth, so I AM calling to the dry, wounded, and dead places in your heart and calling out, “Come forth, beloved. Come forth!”

Hear and respond to My voice. Be transformed into the fullness of all I have called you to be. Be as radically changed as the caterpillar to the butterfly, unrecognizable in your glorious metamorphosis. Allow all you are – all I have made you – to shine forth unhindered bringing glory to My name.  Continue reading “YHVH Bore (the Lord your Creator)”