Trust My Mighty Breaker Anointing

2 Samuel 5:20 (VOICE) So David battled the Philistines at Baal-perazim and defeated them. David: The Eternal has broken through my enemies in front of me like water bursting through a dam. That is why the place was named Baal-perazim, meaning “the Lord who bursts through.”

Beloved, I brought water from a rock that quenched a nation. Do you believe your circumstances are more dire, or a solution more impossible? There is nothing too hard for Me. Trust My mighty breaker anointing, for I AM fully able to break through.

My solutions often take unexpected form, so be ready and alert that you will receive your blessing in its time. I AM a creative God, for I AM YHVH Bore – the Lord your creator. Watch, and see Me move. For I brought forth light from nothingness, and I still speak forth life into existence today.

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