Reach for Me

Psalm 18:16 (TPT) He then reached down from heaven, all the way from the sky to the sea. He reached down into my darkness to rescue me! He took me out of my calamity and chaos and drew me to himself, taking me from the depths of my despair!

Beloved, in moments of desperation or despair, reach for Me and you will find Me already reaching for you. So grab hold, and refuse to let go. Trust Me to be your safe place of refuge. I AM YHVH Misgab – the Lord your strong tower, and YHVH Manowc – the Lord your refuge.

Put your trust in Me, for I AM mighty to save and no one is beyond My reach. So grab hold, for I AM YHVH Ezer – the Lord your help, and Elohim Yakol – God most able. Look to Me as I move in breakthrough, and then give glory for I AM King.

Psalm 18:12-19 (TPT) Suddenly the brilliance of his presence broke through with lightning bolts and with a mighty storm from heaven— like a tempest dropping coals of fire. The Lord thundered, the great God above every god spoke with his thunder-voice from the skies. What fearsome hailstones and flashes of fire were before him! He released his lightning-arrows, and routed my foes. See how they ran and scattered in fear! Then with his mighty roar he laid bare the foundations of the earth, uncovering the secret source of the sea. The hidden depths of land and sea were exposed by the hurricane-blast of his hot breath. He then reached down from heaven, all the way from the sky to the sea. He reached down into my darkness to rescue me! He took me out of my calamity and chaos and drew me to himself, taking me from the depths of my despair! Even though I was helpless in the hands of my hateful, strong enemy, you were good to deliver me. When I was at my weakest, my enemies attacked— but the Lord held on to me. His love broke open the way and he brought me into a beautiful broad place. He rescued me—because his delight is in me!

I Wield My Power with Wisdom

Psalm 18:12 (TPT) Suddenly the brilliance of his presence broke through with lightning bolts and with a mighty storm from heaven— like a tempest dropping coals of fire.

Beloved, I AM able to bring dramatic and instantaneous breakthrough. In the same way that lightning rapidly and powerfully strikes – bringing immediate change and intensity, so I AM able to move quickly and with extreme power.

Trust Me to wield that power with wisdom. Simply because I do not move in your timing doesn’t mean I’m unable to do so. It just means My plans are different than yours. Beloved, choose to trust My plans. Breakthrough will come in My perfect timing. Trust Me. Continue reading “I Wield My Power with Wisdom”

Let Me Lead You

Ephesians 3:16 (TPT) And I pray that he would unveil within you the unlimited riches of his glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with his divine might and explosive power.

Beloved, you are capable of so much more than you understand – if you will simply yield to me. Resist the temptation to move in your own strength, and instead lean on Me. Allow the fullness of My glory to be manifest in you.

Beloved, I AM able – beyond able – to lead you further, take you deeper, and empower you more greatly than you ever thought possible. There is no impossible with Me. So align with My plans and trust My heart. Let Me lead you. Continue reading “Let Me Lead You”

I Cherish Your Trust

Psalm 142:2-3 (TPT) I spill out my heart to you and tell you all my troubles. For when I was desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up, you were the only one there to help…

Beloved, I can handle hearing your troubles and complaints. You are not too much for Me. I always desire genuine relationship with you – even if it’s messy (even if YOU are messy). Nothing is too much for Me.

I AM always with you – El Shammah, the Lord is present, is My name. So lean on Me. Look to Me. And trust Me with your heart. Remember that David, a man after My own heart, lamented to Me often, and yet he did so while still trusting Me. So open your heart wide, beloved, and know I cherish your trust.

I Choose You

Deuteronomy 1:8 (NKJV) See, I have set the land before you; go in and possess the land which the Lord  swore to your fathers—to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—to give to them and their descendants after them.’

Beloved, don’t hesitate when I set the path before you and instruct you to move forward. Trust that what I have promised, I will deliver. Walk in bold authority – empowered by My Spirit, and step into that which I have for you.

My desire is to bless My children. Resist the urge to feel yourself unworthy of being blessed. You don’t have to earn My love, beloved, for it is freely given and is beyond measure. This has nothing to do with worth. It has everything to do with choice, and I choose you.

Showers of Blessing

Ezekiel 34:26 (VOICE) I will make them and the area around My holy hill a blessing. At My direction, there will be plenty of rainfall when it is needed. There will be showers of blessing!

Beloved, trust My provision. For I rain down My blessings in season as there is need, and My ears are attuned to your cries. So open your hand and receive. You don’t need to grasp or strive. Rather rest in My flow.

Allow My Spirit to lead, and trust that I lead you rightly. For My eye is on the sparrow, so I’m certainly aware of you – My precious child. Trust yourself to My care, and receive the showers of blessing as they come, for they surely will.

Your True Plumb Line

Psalm 143:2 (VOICE) Be kind and slow to judge Your faithful servant, for compared to You, no one is truly just.

Beloved, rely on Me to be your true plumb line. For regardless of your best efforts, you will always function with bias and flawed judgment. Only I AM the righteous judge, so resist the urge to attempt to stand in My shoes.

Rather lean on Me. Trust Me to guide you in true righteousness. Love as I love. For as you walk as a reflection of Me, you manifest My glory in the earth and make My heart known to the children of men.

Yield, Trust, and Obey

Proverbs 1:7 (TPT) How then does a man gain the essence of wisdom? We cross the threshold of true knowledge when we live in obedient devotion to God. Stubborn know-it-alls will never stop to do this, for they scorn true wisdom and knowledge.

Beloved, too often men rely on their own wisdom, scorning My instruction in favor of their own judgment. As if their limited views could steer them more accurately or somehow work more in their favor than yielding to Me.

Beloved, choose humility. Choose to yield to My will in favor of your own knowing I see what you do not. And I know things that are hidden from you. Choose to obey My Word and trust My voice. I will steer you rightly.

And though the path will not always be easy (for character is developed in hardship), I can promise that it is always good. So yield, trust, and obey, beloved. Yield, trust, and obey.

I AM Increasing You

Isaiah 54:2-3 (VOICE) Enlarge your house. You are going to need a bigger place; don’t underestimate the amount of room that you’ll need. So build, build, build. You will increase in every direction to fill the world. Your offspring will take over the nations; Your people will revitalize long-abandoned towns.

Beloved, I have more for you than you can begin to imagine. Keep your gaze fixed on Me and pursue Me with determined intent, then make ready for increase and pour out from your overflow.

I AM increasing you to the left and the right. I AM blessing you with more than enough because I know you are generous and will share liberally. Be intentional to remember that I AM the giver, and I give in abundance. Refuse to align with lack. Trust Me, and trust My hand as I move in and through you.

See Yourself Rightly

Psalm 139:1 (VOICE) O Eternal One, You have explored my heart and know exactly who I am;

Beloved, I have seen you and I know who you are. I know you intimately, for everything concerning you, concerns Me. There is nothing about you that is beneath My notice, and in fact I know you far more than you even know yourself. I created you. So trust My understanding of who you are over your own skewed understanding.

Refuse to be the lion looking in a mirror convinced they’re seeing a house cat in the reflection. Understand the strength and power you have been given. To refuse to see the gifts I’ve given you does a disservice to all those around you because it robs them of the beauty of all that you are. 

So beloved, see yourself rightly. For it is not pride to acknowledge how you’ve been made, nor is it arrogance to acknowledge the strength you’ve been given. I AM with you and I sustain you – of course you are mighty! My hand upholds you, and in Me you can do all things. So embrace the fullness of all you are. 

Note: this Prophetic Nugget was featured on a Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page. You can watch a recording of the livestream by visiting: Lunchtime Live: See Yourself Rightly