Expect Me to Bring Increase

1 Kings 18:45-46 (VOICE) The sky became filled with dark monstrous clouds, the wind grew wild, the heavy rain fell, and Ahab traveled quickly in his chariot to Jezreel. The strength of the Eternal filled Elijah. The prophet pulled up his garment around his thighs and sprinted ahead of Ahab the entire way to Jezreel.

Beloved, often when I bring increase it comes swiftly and unexpectedly. Though the vision may seem to tarry, it tarries not, for I will bring it to its fullness in due season. So be prepared to wait patiently but expectantly just to see Me move suddenly.

I AM the Lord of the breakthrough – YHVH Perazim. Watch and wait in hopeful expectation, as you rejoice in what I’ve already done. Testify of My faithfulness, and when breakthrough and increase come – testify some more. Refuse to be silent. Give praise to the One who is worthy. Amen. Continue reading “Expect Me to Bring Increase”

Be in Agreement

1 Kings 18:41-42 (VOICE) Elijah (to Ahab): …I hear a heavy rain coming… Elijah journeyed to the peak of Mount Carmel. There he bowed down on the ground and placed his head between his knees.

Beloved, even when the world seems like desert without a cloud in sight, believe Me when I say the rain is coming. One of the greatest spiritual weapons in your arsenal is that of the power of agreement. So with intention, stand in faith for that which I have promised. And with intention, pray for those things to come to pass. And with praise – even with hands raised high, give thanks for the manifestation of that which is still unseen.

I AM faithful, and My promises are yes an amen. So refuse to be double-minded – on the one hand asking for breakthrough and on the other doubting it will come. Be steadfast and sure because you know the character of the God you serve. You know that I AM faithful, so refuse to be moved and be in agreement with My promises to you. Continue reading “Be in Agreement”

Prepare for Rain

1 Kings 18:41-42 (VOICE) Elijah (to Ahab): You should go fill your belly with food and water. I hear a heavy rain coming. Ahab did as Elijah instructed and went to eat and drink…

Beloved, as you wait in expectation, be obedient when instruction comes. Resist the urge to rely on your own knowledge, for I see what you do not. Therefore, I will often prepare you for events that are unexpected by you. In those moments, if you judge My instructions in the natural, you may be tempted to ignore them or take a different action.

Beloved, trust that I see what you do not, and trust that I will prepare you. For just as Noah built an ark in preparation for a catastrophic flood though no rain had yet fallen, so I will prepare you for that which is seen and unseen – if you will but obey. Continue reading “Prepare for Rain”

Remain Steadfast in Hope

Titus‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭(TPT) For we continue to look forward to the joyful fulfillment of our hope in the dawning splendor of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus, the Anointed One.

Beloved, remain steadfast in hope. Resist the urge to let any present circumstances (or concerns about future ones) steal your joy. Be intentional to stay in a place of thanksgiving regardless of what comes your way.

For if you believe, by definition you must hope. If you have no hope, what confidence are you demonstrating about the faithfulness of your God? Rather, rejoice in that which you know is and is to come. Let your praise and joyful mouth be evidence of the steadfast hope you have in Me. Trust that I AM faithful, and stay rooted in hope.

The Glory of My Countenance

Numbers 6:25 (AMP) The Lord make His face shine upon you [with favor]…

Beloved, look to Me. Set your gaze upon My face, and refuse to be distracted or look away. Let the glory of My countenance radically change who you are and how you think. Become more like Me. Think like Me. Expect mountains to move, like Me.

Be so focused on Me that as I make a way where there seems to be no way, not only are you not surprised, but you take it as a matter of course. For I AM God. Nothing is too hard for Me. I make a way for My children as they walk with Me (or I close the way they should not go). So trust Me, and trust Me to lead, for I AM the Waymaker, and the Maker of heaven and earth. Continue reading “The Glory of My Countenance”

Step into Steadfast Faith

Psalm 125:1 (VOICE) All who have faith in the Eternal stand as Mount Zion: unmoved, enduring, eternal.

Beloved, those who stand in Me, step into steadfast faith. For those who find their foundation in Me, stand as surely as the most solid bedrock. Those who are truly rooted in Me, will not be moved or easily swayed, for they are indwelt by My Spirit and strengthen by My presence.

Though the winds may batter and the waves may rock as the trials of life impede, still you will be steady and hold fast when you find your foundation in Me. So, beloved, be steadfast in your faith, and know that its source and foundation is One that never changes.

Expectant Heart

2 Kings 4:6 (VOICE) Soon all of the containers were filled. Woman: Bring me another container. Son: There aren’t any left. It was then that the oil ran out.

Beloved, trust My abundant provision. For I AM fully able. I can creatively multiply – like the pot of oil or the loaves and the fishes. I can expand something’s use to keep it from needing to be replaced – like shoes of the Israelites that never wore out.

I can supernaturally provide – like the manna from heaven. I can provide using any number of unusual sources – like the ravens who fed Elijah in the cave. I AM fully able, for I AM Elohim Yakol – God Most Able. So trust in Me with an expectant heart, for I AM faithful.

2 Kings 4:5-7 (VOICE) The widow went away from Elisha and enclosed herself in a room with her sons. One at a time, her sons held a container before her, and she poured. Soon all of the containers were filled. Woman: Bring me another container. Son: There aren’t any left. It was then that the oil ran out. The widow then went back to Elisha, the man of God. Elisha: Now go sell the oil, and pay the creditor what you owe. Then your children won’t be made into slaves, and you and your sons can live on the remaining money.

Ask Rightly

1 Kings 3:12 (AMP) behold, I have done as you asked. I have given you a wise and discerning heart (mind), so that no one before you was your equal, nor shall anyone equal to you arise after you.

Beloved, I hear and respond. Be mindful to ask rightly. For many accuse Me of faithlessness when the motivations behind their requests were amiss. Yet in My abundant patience I cause situations and circumstances to open their eyes and I extend My grace to them.

But you, beloved, desire to ask rightly. So invite Me to inspect your heart and stay open to My loving chastening. I will not grow angry or frustrated at your petitions, so extend the same grace to Me in My responses. And always ask for wisdom, for I will never withhold it. And in turn use it to know Me more. Continue reading “Ask Rightly”

A Yielded Vessel Bears Much Fruit

2 Kings 2:10 (VOICE) Elijah:  What you have requested of me is challenging, but it will be done if you witness my departure. But if you do not watch, then you will not have your double portion.

Beloved, you desire increase, but remember it often comes as a result of obedience and vigilance. Be sensitive to My Spirit’s leadings and you don’t miss a thing. Be ready and alert, and – when I give direction – be quick to obey.

Remember, beloved, your understanding isn’t required for you to be obedient. Step out in faith. Trust My direction. Trust I’ll bring loving correction when needed. So obey and trust, and then watch as I increase the powerful ways I move through you. A yielded vessel bears much fruit.

Ask in Faith

2 Kings 2:9 (VOICE) After the two had made it to the other side of the Jordan, Elijah spoke to Elisha. Elijah: Tell me what it is you would like me to do for you before I am taken away from you. Elisha: Please, I wish to receive a double portion of your spirit. As your successor, I want to have twice the portion of your power.

Beloved, if anointing is what you seek, don’t be afraid to ask. I love to empower My children, and I love to work through you. For those who are willing and tenacious in their faith, I AM able to do amazing and awesome things.

So if you desire to move powerfully on My behalf, cultivate relationship with Me and ask boldly. For I have given you access because of My love for you, so approach Me without hesitation, and ask in faith expecting Me to respond.