Hold My Heart {Moments with God}

{Crying in my heart} Please hear me, Father. I feel weighed down in spirit and troubled in my heart. So in my distress I turn to You (just as I do in my joy). In confusion I will cling to You (because You’ll never steer me wrong). I don’t understand what is troubling me, or why I’m in despair. But this is the way You’ve wired me, and so I trust my heart in Your care.

{His whispered reply} You’re beautiful, My precious one, and I’ve made you flawlessly. My design for you is beautiful, even when it’s incomprehensible for you – still then I can clearly see exactly what I had in mind, and how I see it playing out. You are exactly as you should be, a gift to the world and a joy to Me. So let Me lavish My love upon you, and let My Spirit minister to your soul. Your heart is so precious to Me, thank you for trusting it to Me to hold.

Psalm 86:1 (ESV) Incline your ear, O LORD, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.

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