Embrace the Truth with Joy

Proverbs 12:15 (VOICE) Fools follow their own directions and think they are right, but wise people listen intently to advice.

Beloved, My sheep know My voice. So whether My breath flows from the mouth of a stranger, friend, child, or from heaven above, be wise enough to heed it. If you know Me, you will recognize My voice regardless of what vessel I use to deliver My words.

So remain humble and open. Strong convictions are good if they are rooted in Me, but, when founded in self-righteousness and pride, they are a stumbling block and an idol. If your beliefs are rooted in Me, they will not be shaken by humbly listening to those who would speak into your life.

Trust Me to lead. Trust Me to make truth clear. Be open to My direction and insight even if it challenges what you believe you know. For as you grow, I reveal more to you. I’m not changing, but as your ability to understand Me develops, so can I reveal new truths and aspects of My character that you might continue to grow. So be open and listen, and be ready to embrace the truth with joy.

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