Being a Grateful Child of Mine

Psalm 107:8 (VOICE) May they erupt with praise and give thanks to the Eternal in honor of His loyal love And all the wonders He has performed for humankind!

Beloved, what I have done is more than enough. That’s not to say I won’t do more, but it is a reminder to choose gratitude over greed, thanksgiving over longing. Choose to be content with what you have already been given.

Refuse to operate from a place of spoiled entitlement. There is difference between standing in faithful expectation and pouting like a child because your prayers haven’t yet been answered.

Choose well. Who would you bless: someone you’d already gifted who quickly cast aside their blessing to extend their hand for more? Or the one grateful for your gift and appreciative of its blessing in their life?

You woke up this morning, that is a gift. You are breathing, that is a gift. Look around you, see and acknowledge all I’ve done, for I love My children. Bless Me by seeing and acknowledging the outpouring of that love, by being a grateful child of Mine.

Psalm 107:8 (TPT) So lift your hands and thank God for his marvelous kindness and for all his miracles of mercy for those he loves.

9 February 2018 Update

We ended up going live on our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page yesterday and shared this Prophetic Nugget as well as more about a Dyed4you silk this nugget is included in called Dayenu (It Would Have Been Sufficient). Included in the conversation was the oil it was anointed with, which was created as a result of this silk and is called Dayenu (More Than Enough). It comes from our sister ministry the Scent of Heaven. Carol Hodge, founder of the Scent of Heaven, went live with me (as I did it while I was visiting her) and we had a wonderful time of sharing. We trust it will bless you!

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