Selah (again)

Psalm 24:10 (AMP) Who is [He then] this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory [who rules over all creation with His heavenly armies]. Selah.

Beloved, pause. Stop and reflect, truly take moment and ponder who I AM. Ponder My glory, the works of My hands, My character and identity. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the rhetoric and lose sight of who I truly am. I AM more than simply words regurgitated by well-meaning people who get so busy saying the “right” things they’ve missed the point: relationship with Me.

So pause. Make room for Me to speak, make room for Me to love you, and make room for all I share and teach you to penetrate. Meditate on Me – on My words, both rhema and logos (whispered in your ear and written in My word). Slow down. Refuse to be tempted to rush this journey. Some things cannot be hurried. So pause. Ponder Me, beloved. Selah.

Note: I find it ironic that in a year of doing these Prophetic Nuggets, this particular post “accidentally” got posted (and sent out to the subscribers) twice. 🙂 After my initial embarrassment, I realized God had this happen on purpose because He wanted to re-emphasize the need to pause.

In scripture things are emphasized by repetition (so picture “Holy holy holy” as how we might write HOLY! Or like with Potiphar’s dreams, where God have him the dream twice.) Because we see this pattern of emphasis through repetition in scripture, I’ve learned to take note when I find it happening – especially in moments that are unique or unusual (like in this instance) – and then I ask Papa if He’s making a point through it.

It seems that not only did He want to emphasize the need for a pause, but also highlight this pattern to some of you, perhaps because He’s wanting you to take note of it in future! Hopefully it’s a blessing 🙂

Enjoy your pause!

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