Let Your Cry of Victory Ring

Psalm 118:16 (VOICE) The mighty arm of the Eternal is raised in victory; the right hand of His has shown His power.”

Beloved, raise a shout of victory! We shall not be defeated. Sound a cry in declaration that we are victorious. Raise your voice! Do not be afraid that you will be put to shame, lean on Me. Trust in Me. I AM the God of heaven (El Shamayim) and earth, the Lord of Hosts (YHVH Sabaoth), the King of Glory (Melek Kabowd) – nothing is too hard for Me!

Rightly understand Who I AM and what I AM capable of. I AM the God who parted the sea, brought forth water from a rock, and sent manna from heaven. I make a way where there seems to be no way. Don’t focus on possible solutions YOU see in a situation, for I see things you do not. So simply focus on Me, on who I AM, and let your victory cry ring!

6 Replies to “Let Your Cry of Victory Ring”

  1. The hardest thing about surrender is LETTING GO !! LOL !! Trusting that GOD is ABLE without MY help !! LOL !! It’s really that simple !! Just RECEIVE the VICTORY and PRAISE GOD for it !! GOD !! YOU are my VICTORY !! I thank You dear Lord that You are perfecting your faith in me and mostly your LOVE !! Teaching me to STAND FAST in WHO YOU ARE !!! I thank you God that my situation is NOT too difficult for YOU and YOU do have a way where it seems there is no way !!! HALLELUJAH !! YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!! Amen !!!

    Thank you for another great word today Meghan !!!

    1. So glad this blessed you. I was thinking of it yesterday when I read your comment – just believing this word of encouragement is for you and praying Papa causes hope assured to come forth!

  2. Amen ! Finally got my mouth to open itself and proclaim the victory!
    Amazing how the enemy comes in like a thief to try to steal a good testimony. And how hard it is to open ones mouth when in the midst of attack ! FINALLY clued in tonight and raised my voice of victory. Th scripture came to mind. ” the high praises of a God in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand !”
    GOD is the VICTOR !! HsllelujAh !!

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