Sitting in His presence quietly waiting to hear His voice. I hear the whisper, “Beloved.” I know that’s just the beginning of what He plans to say, and yet I get stuck there, feeling my throat begin to tighten and tears begin to well as I ponder the privilege it is for Him to call us – call me – by that name.

I am His beloved and He is mine. I know this intellectually, but most days what that actually means barely penetrates the surface. I am My beloved’s and My Beloved is mine. I hear Him whisper, “Yes. Yes, My love.” I know He’s encouraging me to let this sink in deeper, to let it be more than simply a saying written in Hebrew on a ring that never leaves my hand. To know. To truly know.

“Papa, why is it that so many of us struggle so much to simply receive the love You’re pouring out to us?”

I hear His gentle reply, “The enemy has been holding a broken mirror in front of your faces for so long that one that is whole feels false. Your minds have calibrated the distortion to be truth. It throws everything else out of alignment because it is all based on a lie.”

“Papa help us to recalibrate. Help us to align with You, to align with Truth.”

And as though I can feel His warm breath carrying the gentle “yes” and His arms surrounding me. Olam Zeroa, the Everlasting Arms, gripping me tightly. Refusing to give up on me regardless of how broken or messy I feel. He is always there. He always is loving me. Truly I AM “beloved.”

Song of Solomon 6:3 (AMP) I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…

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  1. I relate MeghanπŸ’• it is so easy to say these things that God feels about us. It really takes Holy Spirit to soak it in deep in our hearts. Part of my lesson I think in my
    “downtime” frozen shoulder season. Is learning to REST IN HIS LOVE. To KNOW that whether I DO devotions or DON’T do …. He is STILL with me. I am STILL His Beloved. Teaching me to SIMPLY BELIEVE and REST in that belief. IN HIM. ( wrapped in his promise – see my Facebook profile picture ) the hardest thing for me is to just SIT in His presence. I am used to DO DO DO !!! Bible. Prayer. Etc. Etc. Though my confessions right now are huge and I need to use my mouth to speak out the truth. Of who I am and who he is. I so appreciate your posts Meghan. I wonder if we have kindred hearts. Bless you. I pray God will water your heart with His love and encouragement as you pour out to his bride. May you receiver the WORD special for your heart from the Father πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• you are a queen !! A princess. His beloved !!!!


    1. I’ve been waiting for you to comment because I definitely thought of you when I posted! I think we must because related πŸ™‚ I’m better than I used to be, but still have SO far to go. Then He lovingly reminds me my firmly rooted distortions didn’t happen overnight, so I should give myself time to relearn/recalibrate. Love you sweet lady!

      1. Haha. I wanted to say. I used to be better than I am now. Haha ! But that is untrue. I feel I had a much more intimate place in the past. Life stepped in. Got married. Etc. My challenge is to get in deep amidst the distraction. It’s good. Going deeper. I don’t feel more mature. But I’ve been told I am. Lol !! I think I’m just more aware of my brokenness. Which is a good thing. I know my need πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• which helps me to REST in HIM πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’“πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

      2. I love it. It is a truth I am reminded of whenever someone uses my Princess name. My heart does not grasp this concept to its fullest. However, it is a promise and my Beloved can not lie. So it must be true.
        Know you are cherished my dear Princess.

  2. Gosh. I find I have to reread these words cause I seem to miss things. Lol.
    Stands out to me:

    “Beloved.” I know that’s just the beginning of what He plans to say, and yet I get stuck there,…”

    “.. I know this intellectually, but most days what that actually means barely penetrates the surface….”

    “.. Refusing to give up on me regardless of how broken or messy I feel…”

    He is teaching me that He loves me in my mess and my brokenness. That it’s ok.


  3. Such an intimate post. “I am His beloved and He is mine- I know this intellectually, but what this actually means most days barely penetrates the surface”– I read this and stop. The truth of that statement rings so true for me unfortunately. I recognize my deficit and my heart cries “take me deeper on this! Help me truly KNOW.”
    I am stirred by the visual I “see” as I read on and Papa explains how the enemy has held up a broken mirror of lies, reflecting what I envision is Picasso like distortions to us that have seemed true/ familiar, and which, for me, have sometimes grown almost “comfortable” because of their frequency and familiarity? I tend to draw and create visuals of things that Papa brings to me- sometimes a truth, sometimes a process of going from my understanding ( or lack there of!) to opening the door to a level of His truth. I read this description from Papa and begin to wonder, how could I draw this?
    I know this struggle of settling for the enemy’s untruths as truth has been a place I have been stuck, often without even realizing it. Yet, all the time the real truth of who I am, the true reflection of who I am as He sees and loves me, is right there- a bright warm expanse reaching to the heavens, full of life, full of Him and filled to overflowing with a myriad of “smaller” truths, all comprising “I am His beloved and He is mine”. These TOWER high above the pathetic and puny broken mirror of the enemy that I have set my eye on, in which I have been mired.
    The cool part for me was when He intervened during a quiet time and literally spoke ” I never created you to be a victim”. That caught my attention! My puzzled reply, however, was more defensive and ignorant, as I declared an offended ” I am not a victim!!!” ( read a long pregnant pause here) followed by a very puzzled, “What’s a victim?” Lol for my ignorance!
    Thus began the journey of years where He revealed more about that distortion I had settled for and many of the untruths that came with it. The good news is, with His truth, we can choose freedom- though the walking into that freedom requires movement/ action and can be difficult, even painful – He is faithful to grow us into a new place where His revelation becomes our truth and we see His truth rising high above the darkness of the enemy. I chose the walk to freedom, painful yet rich, where unraveling those untruths and trading them for bona fide His truth continues. …….. I am still thinking I need to draw some of this.

    1. Wow !!! I would love to see what you create as well. My heart does the same. I visualize everything ❀️ I really appreciate your heart sharing here. You seem to write well too 😊

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