Rainbow Covenant

Psalm 45:13 (TPT) As the princess bride enters the palace, how glorious she appears within the holy chamber, robed with a wedding dress embroidered with pure gold!

Beloved, I’m adorning you in My rainbow of promises that you might never forget the covenant that lies between us. I AM good and I AM faithful. You are Mine just as I AM yours. Refuse to tarnish or sully the beauty of what we have. 

Just as you expect fidelity from an earthly spouse, so I expect it from you. Just as you hope for affection and attention to be lavished from an earthly spouse, so I hope for it from you. And just as you pray for deep, abiding, sacrificial love from an earthly spouse, so, beloved, am I looking for that from you. Just as I give all these things to you. 

4 Replies to “Rainbow Covenant”

  1. Timely word. Just about every other day and sometimes daily for the last month there has been a rainbow seen in Mobile, Alabama. It has me in EXPECTANCY because of His promises.

    Interesting you are writing of fidelity because a few months back Holy Spirit spoke “covenant fidelity” to me. Thank you for this Word.

  2. What a beautiful nugget to read during Sukkot!! Our dance ministry is actually doing a presentation with a “bride” this coming Shabbat for Sukkot. I can’t wait.

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