The Truth About Blessings

Numbers 23:20 (VOICE) Look here, I received a word of blessing, and He has spoken a blessing. I cannot take it back.

Beloved, My promises are yes and amen. I AM not capricious nor am I looking for reasons to change My mind. When I bless, I have blessed, and that blessing remains.

Resist the urge to be offended if the blessing is conditional, for I make the conditions known from the onset that you may choose rightly. Refuse to behave like a spoiled child who feels entitled to all life’s joys without care or responsibility.

What kind of Father would I be if I corrupted My children? I AM a good Father. So yes, some blessings come as a result of behavior, but also some come simply as a result of My generous love and desire to bless (like sunshine and rain).

So receive with gratitude all you have been given. Trust that I have reason for each thing I grant or withhold, release or delay. But you can rest assured that each decision is being made from a heart filled with love for you, and that even in the moments of trial I AM there.

[Lunchtime Live topic: Strength through Trials. Show and tell: Life from Stone Inspired Flow Art pendant and portable Wholetones player. Dyed4you Art: Tenacious Bloom (The husband one I mention is Gibbor (Mighty One)). Dyed4you silk: Coming Promises custom handled bendie flag. We touch on marriage and so for those who are interested, you can read my marriage testimony now. Background music is from Wholetones.]

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