Conduit of Love

Matthew 5:43-48 (TPT) …What reward do you deserve if you only love the loveable? Don’t even the tax collectors do that?…

Beloved, it isn’t enough to simply love those who love you (although you should do that too, and do so without reserve). Love like Mine is sacrificial. It costs you something. If you would be like Me, your love must be the same.

So beloved, love the unlovable. Love those who are hurting and lost. Love those who are angry and lashing out. Love deeply and as if you’ll never get hurt. Love because you have been loved even when you were hurt, angry, and unlovable you were loved by Me. Be a conduit of love, for love changes everything.

Matthew 5:43-48 (TPT) “Your ancestors have also been taught ‘Love your neighbors and hate the one who hates you.’ However, I say to you, love your enemy, bless the one who curses you, do something wonderful for the one who hates you, and respond to the very ones who persecute you by praying for them. For that will reveal your identity as children of your heavenly Father. He is kind to all by bringing the sunrise to warm and rainfall to refresh whether a person does what is good or evil. What reward do you deserve if you only love the loveable? Don’t even the tax collectors do that? How are you any different from others if you limit your kindness only to your friends? Don’t even the ungodly do that? Since you are children of a perfect Father in heaven, you are to be perfect like him.”

[Lunchtime Live: I show a couple Dyed4you Art pendants (I’m wearing Light in the Storm), I share about my personal blog post How-to Overcome Fear, I talk about catch phrases and developing a personal language with God, and read this Prophetic Nugget which also connects to a silk called Conduit of Love. Background music by Music to Pray By.]

In this video I share about developing a personal “language” with God. How you’ll begin to have “catch phrases” that both create intimacy and develop easy ways to communicate a lot of information.  Each download from Him builds your knowledge base, which grows your language with Him.

About 10 and a half minutes in, I give a warning (based on experience) not to add to what God gives you. If He didn’t give you the meaning of the prophetic word He gave you for someone else do NOT try to give one even if it seems obvious. The word is for the intended recipient and God will use His language with them to speak to them about it (which may be VERY different from how it would speak to you).

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