Beyond Imagination

Isaiah 64:4 (MSG) Since before time began no one has ever imagined, No ear heard, no eye seen, a God like you who works for those who wait for him.

Beloved, I AM beyond imagination. I AM the only true god; the One who loves His children, acts on their behalf, fights for them, and blesses them in unexpected and beautiful ways. I AM not a genie in a bottle. You can’t control Me or dictate My actions, but I AM fiercely loyal and love you immensely.

I lavish My love on those who choose Me. So choose Me, beloved, not for the blessings, but simply because I AM who I AM and am worth loving, worth worshipping, and worth pursuing. Remember that receiving My love is the greatest blessing of all.

1 Corinthians 2:9 (VOICE) But as the Scriptures say, No eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard and it has never occurred to the human heart All the things God prepared for those who love Him.

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  1. I love the way you bookended it with the quote from Isaiah and the one from Paul in which he refers to that quote. I don’t respond to these every day, but I do read them and so appreciate you sending them.

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