Delivered Promises

Revelation 21:11 (VOICE) It gleamed and shined with the glory of God; its radiance was like the most precious of jewels, like jasper, and it was as clear as crystal.

Beloved, what I promise, I deliver. And when it arrives, it is typically bigger, better, and more beautiful than could have been expected. I AM more than enough. Hold to Me. My word is unshakable. If I have said it, it is done. Immovable and unstoppable, My word will always accomplish My will.

I AM more than enough. Be satisfied in Me, not in what I can give you, but in Who I AM. I have not forgotten the promises made you, the time for their fruition is nearly upon us. Patience My love. Trust Me and hold fast.

2 Replies to “Delivered Promises”

  1. A scripture comes to mind as I read this word. It is John 14:27. I think of the peace that transforms me when I abide in The One. Today’s word is a beautiful reminder to consider the depth of the things we long to manifest in our lives.

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