Yield to My Sanctification 

John 17:17 (AMP) Sanctify them in the truth [set them apart for Your purposes, make them holy]; Your word is truth.

Beloved, allow yourself to decrease that I might increase within you. Yield to My refining process. Let Me burn away the dross leaving you brilliant and sparkling that you may shine blindingly brightly. This is My sanctifying process. The process by which you become more like Me – more radiant – that your countenance might glow from My glory. Waves of glory!

I have new levels for you. Shifting the atmosphere and opening up heaven to draw you in closer still to Me. Allow Me to gently change you into the fullness of all I’ve called you to be. Give the process the time it needs, the journey itself is a blessing and rushing the process only causes you to miss points along the way so yield to both My process and My pace. I will increase My blessings upon you. Receive it, beloved. 

John 3:30 (NKJV) He must increase, but I must decrease.

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  1. Love the pictures that this entry creates as you read it. Sometimes I get lost to some of our Christian words – words like sanctification- that we use freely and sometimes liberally. I was not raised in the church, so there are moments when such words or definitions as one might hear for sanctification- ” the process of being sanctified or set apart” doesn’t really give me a picture of what it means. It seems dry.
    This blog entry, however is alive, creates a God birthed picture from His viewpoint and opens a real conversation for me to have with Him. It is inviting- like I am partnering with Him and reminds me I am in this WITH Him, rather than a specimen in a lab on a plate undergoing some process while the Creator watches but has the sense of being more removed. which isn’t God at all.
    I used to silversmith some, so the picture of being refined and the dross burned away takes me back to moments of working with the molten metal. Did you know another interesting point in the process of melting down gold is that you have to keep the flame of the torch directed on the gold to keep it “rolling” and hot enough? In this process, the molten gold shines like liquid mercury, with a bright hot color of yellows, whites, etc. To burn impurities out, you add a pinch of borax to the white hot metal to make the impurities rise to the surface where the tremendous heat burns them off. The goldsmith MUST keep the flame of the torch DIRECTLY on the molten metal to maintain a high enough temperature. If you looked away for a split second, (and I do mean a split second!) say to reach for that needed pinch of borax, the metal turns red hot, which means it is cooling down and too cool to create a successful piece in the casting process. You can ruin your final piece if the gold is just a tad too cool.
    Sometimes it takes a lot of heat to burn out our impurities; though we don’t necessarily love the heat, but as the Master goldsmith, Father knows what He is doing and what is needed to burn out our impurities, leaveing pure gold. So glad He is with us intimately in this refining process that transforms us!

    1. Wow! What an amazing word picture that creates!!! Thank you so much for sharing. And I agree on the word sanctification. I actually argued with God about using it LOL 🙂 I even looked it up in the dictionary to be sure what I was sensing and feeling matched what it actually meant! God is so awesome 🙂 Love you friend!!!

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