Divine Courage

1 Chronicles 28:20 (VOICE) Be strong, courageous, and effective. Do not fear or be dismayed. I know that the Eternal God, who is my God, is with you. He will not abandon you or forsake you until you have finished all the work for the temple of the Eternal.

Beloved, do you think for one moment that I would call you to something and then desert you – unequipped and without support? Never. Step in bold confidence – not in your own ability, but rather in My faithfulness. I AM with you always, so rest assured. 

Be filled with courage. A courage grounded in the One who has called and equipped you. I AM your source of strength. So what have you to fear? Nothing is too hard for Me, and I AM fully able to see that you successfully walk out all I have called you to. So yield to Me – trusting Me to lead, and be filled with divine courage.

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