Choose Wisely and Yield

Isaiah 64:8 (AMP) Yet, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our Potter, And we all are the work of Your hand.

Beloved, yield to Me. You have been given choices, so choose wisely – choose to surrender all you have and all you are to Me, trusting that I will lead you rightly. For I see what you do not see and know what you do not know. I AM righteous and I AM good. My heart towards you is unfathomable love. 

But surrender requires trust. At each decision and each choice the question becomes: do you trust Me? Do you trust Me to have your best interests at heart? Do you trust Me to care? Do you trust My judgment? Do you trust Me? 

So be mindful of the message your actions make clear, and know I AM not the only one who will see and take note. To surrender requires faith. Yield to Me, beloved. Choose wisely and yield. 

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