Allow My Spirit to Saturate You

Song of Solomon 4:15 (VOICE) My bride, you are a fountain in a garden, a well of life-giving water flowing down from Lebanon.

Beloved, you are a well of life – deep and true – your capacity great, your water fresh and pure. Allow the life within you to gurgle up and overflow bringing life to all those around you. Tender shoots of green and brilliant colors of wildflower life surrounding you.

Feed on Me in our times alone. Allow Me to nourish and replenish you, beloved, that your well will never run dry. Wait on Me. Soak in My presence. Abide in Me. Allow My Spirit to overtake you and saturate your soul.

4 Replies to “Allow My Spirit to Saturate You”

  1. Oh my gosh this sounds SOO good !! 💦💦💦 I feel this in my spirit and heart 💦💦💦💙💦💦💦 I just cleaned upt art room and just put a rocking chair in it with my Talit hung over the back of it. My words hanging in the mesh bag over the arm. Close at hand to read when needed. I have such a desire to just SIT in this chair in my special room. Just sit. ❤️❤️❤️💦💦💦

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