I AM Willing Because You Are Worth It

Psalm 136:1 (VOICE) Let your heart overflow with praise to the Eternal, for He is good, for His faithful love lasts forever.

Beloved, I AM good. My heart towards you is good. I AM unchanging. Ever faithful. Steadfast. Worthy of your trust. Pause and reflect on that. Pause and consider if you truly believe that My heart towards you is good, or if you just pay lip service to those sentiments you know you’re supposed to have.

I desire real relationship with you. I desire authenticity. Yes, I want you to trust Me and yes I’m worthy of that trust, but I want it to be freely given – not out of a sense of obligation, but from a heart overflowing with love for Me. If that isn’t where you are yet beloved, I’m not angry about that. I’m willing to put in the time and work to show you who I AM. Are you willing to take the time and open your heart to see Me as I AM?

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  1. Love the life and hope that springs up in my heart as I read this!! Lately I have been trying to find a good starting place for my quiet times with Him. “Freely given” wow! What a statement! “not out of a sense of obligation, but from a heart overflowing with love for Me.” I want more of that- freely given from my heart that would be more overflowing with love for Him.
    Ever feel like you somehow slipped into or got lost in obligation, which feels as lifeless as cardboard, and are trying desperately to find your way back to a TRUE HEART overflowing in Love for Him? For me, the cardboard cell becomes more limiting as obligation seems to grow and that heart of love seems to get hidden or feels diminished/ overtaken by dry, life limiting should’s and musts of man’s opinion. It sucks the life out of who I am in Him- and I lose the luster of becoming who he created me to be. I lose the playful, in awe side of who He created me to be. I want real LIFE with Him- This word gives me hope and an amazing way to open the door from my recent cell of obligation or what I am supposed be or do. I can set that all aside and settle in with Him, asking Him to show me again or more deeply, who He is. I appreciate the simple key to leaving the cardboard behind and going deeper in Him, gaining a deeper heart of love for Him. I am not there yet, but I so appreciate the direct and simple words from Papa in this post that bring the key. Sorry I may have rambled and not expressed myself clearly. I love how He cuts thru my confusion and feeling adrift with a simple key that dispels the confusion and draws me back to His lap, welcoming me into a deeper heart love for Him and celebrating the real me I find He has created me to be. The shackles of feeling obligated and all the constraints that go with that begin to slip away and I begin to find fresh breath and a new sense of freedom and childlike delight in Him. I can begin to grow again!

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