Tune in to My Frequency 

Psalm 40:1 (AMP) I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; And He inclined to me and heard my cry.

Beloved, I AM always speaking. Settle your spirit, quiet your soul, and listen. I AM right there. Whispering to My beloved one, My precious child, the apple of My eye – you. Be patient. If you had something to share and the person you were speaking to was rushing you, would you feel heard? Important? Respected? You’d want time and an unhurried pace. Leave that same space for Me to speak. If you create the space, I will meet you there.

Be expectant. Trust that I AM speaking to you. Refuse the doubt and unbelief that come to plague you – you know where those lies come from, and it isn’t Me. More than you want to hear Me, I desire to be heard. Sit at My feet and wait on Me. Take a deep breath in and quiet the internal noise. Tune in to My frequency. I AM here. I AM ready. I AM speaking.

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