Sweet Nothings

Zephaniah 3:17 (AMPC) The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior [Who saves]! He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in His love He will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; He will exult over you with singing.

Beloved, My love for you knows no bounds. Even as I rejoice over you – exulting, feeling triumphant joy – I also quietly reflect on the miracle that is you, the beauty as you offer your heart to Me. Beloved, My joy cannot be contained – it overflows in songs of love and deliverance. The past is gone, removed as far as the east is from the west, and I simply lean in toward you and whisper sweet nothings, murmurings of love. Will you hear Me? Will you take time to quiet your heart and listen?

A melody of heaven echoes around you, My precious one. Like a sweet, warm breeze on a pleasant summer evening, the sounds surround you and will lull you into that shalom-filled rest if you will let it. Quiet joy, exuberant joy, exceeding peace, and love beyond comprehension. Take My hand, beloved, and hear My whisperings. Know My heart. Feel My love.

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