The Better Path

Proverbs 3:17 (VOICE) Her ways are pleasant; all of her pathways are peaceful.

Beloved, the paths of wisdom are sweet – though not always easy, they’re always worth the effort. They bring contentment and peace even in hardship. They are clear, for each step is lit by Me.

As you walk in wisdom, you find peace because you lay down the burden of trying to be in control and judging what is right and wrong in your own eyes. Instead you yield to My judgment, which is perfect. So release control and choose the better path – the one of godly wisdom, which brings life.

Proverbs 3:13-20 (VOICE) How fortunate are those who discover Lady Wisdom and those who understand her ways! For her worth is greater than the most expensive prize you could win. Her profit is greater than the finest thing you could buy. No gem is more precious than she is— your most extravagant desire doesn’t come close to her. She holds the secret of a long life in one hand and riches and fame in her other hand. Her ways are pleasant; all of her pathways are peaceful. She is like a tree that produces a satisfied life for anyone who can wrap their arms around her; happiness waits for any who hold her tightly. It was by wisdom that the Eternal fashioned the earth and by understanding that He designed the heavens. Through His knowledge, the deep was divided into seas and sky, and the clouds understood when to let down the morning dew.

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