Look for My Fingerprints

Psalm 1:1 (VOICE) God’s blessings follow you and await you at every turn…

Beloved, as you live your life firmly rooted in Me, blessings await you at every turn. Refuse to be blind to that which has been lavished on you simply because it takes a different form than you expected.

Make a game of finding My fingerprints on the blessings that surround you. Look for My winks from heaven that acknowledge the intimacy between us. For I AM present, and I AM moving. So see My hand at work and give glory to Me.

Psalm 1:1-3 (VOICE) God’s blessings follow you and await you at every turn: when you don’t follow the advice of those who delight in wicked schemes, When you avoid sin’s highway, when judgment and sarcasm beckon you, but you refuse. For you, the Eternal’s Word is your happiness. It is your focus—from dusk to dawn. You are like a tree, planted by flowing, cool streams of water that never run dry. Your fruit ripens in its time; your leaves never fade or curl in the summer sun . No matter what you do, you prosper.

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