Be Steadfast in Your Walk

Psalm 37:24 (VOICE) And even though you trip up, you will not fall on your face because He holds you by the hand.

Beloved, you have changed. You’re not the same. Behold, you are a new creature – transformed by grace. Refuse to revisit your old ways or stay stuck in the ruts of your old paths. I have made all things new, and that includes you. 

Like a baby colt stumbles as it catches its footing when it is newborn, extend grace to yourself as you stumble and trip – that is par for the course. The key is to keep getting your footing – to take the time for it to become steadfast and sure. 

And just as you need that grace for your own growing season, extend it also to others. To expect perfection – either from yourself or others – is pointless and unrealistic. The key is to shake off the stumbles and keep pressing onward. Refuse to go back to old ways that are familiar but unprofitable. Be steadfast in your walk, and encourage others to be steadfast in theirs.

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