I Still Choose You

Revelation 2:4 (TPT) But I have this against you: you have abandoned the passionate love you had for me at the beginning.

Beloved, I will not settle for anything less than your whole heart. I’m not an old shoe to grow comfortable in. I AM worth your fiery passion and abandoned restraint. There is no need or reason to hold back from Me. I want all of you and I love you unconditionally. I AM not shocked you are not perfect. I love you – flaws, imperfections, and all.

I still choose you. Knowing everything about you – every time you’ll choose to wound me, every time you’ll prefer to pour out your affections to someone or something who does not hold you at the immeasurable value I do – and even knowing all that, I still choose you. I still love you. I AM not angry or upset with you. You hold My heart, and my grace for you exceeds comprehension.

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  1. This is SO true. And he has been seeking my whole heart for such a long time. I just watched some of your husbands posts on health. He spoke about our habits and how sometimes we need a reset and how what we are putting in our body can be a sign and will distance us from a deeper place with God. I know all this stuff. Was good to hear someone share about it though. It’s amazing how many in the body keep their eyes shut to health issues. He even mentioned his fast helping his
    ” shoulder” I swear my shoulder gets better with my healthier choices but no one seems to agree with me. So funny. I just happen to be pondering these things this morning. Feeling a bit frustrated with my inability to CHOOSE HIM over all the DISTRACTIONS !!! I desire to spend time with Him. And seem to always tfind myself at the end of another day NOT choosing HIM. I think I need a RESET in ALL areas. Body Soul and Spirit.
    Amazing that HE can STILL choose ME after all my choosing of lesser things. ✨💛🙌💛✨

    1. Oh amen! I so hear you. One thing He encouraged me with is that even though I may allow myself to get distracted I ALWAYS choose to refocus back on Him. So I may “pick” Him a hundred (or more LOL) times a day, and yes – perhaps it would be better if I wasn’t sidetracked in the first place – but my intentionality of choosing Him over and over still blesses His heart and is still a victory! He love us and loves when we pick Him. He knows the things vying for our attention and knows we’re just doing the best we can in that moment and that’s all we can ever do. So I encourage you to extend grace to yourself and keep plugging forward. Your heart for Him is SO clear and if I see it I KNOW He sees it (and loves it) all the more!!!

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