My Crowning Glory 

Isaiah 62:3 (VOICE) And you will be the crowning glory of the Eternal’s power, a royal crown cradled in His palm and held aloft by your God for all to see.

Beloved, you are My crowning joy, a sparkling gem, My delight, the apple of My eye. My glory is made manifest in you and in your life. I display you for all to see – exalting you that those around you might see Me.

So shine brightly, beloved. It is not arrogance to live to the fullest of what I’ve created you to be. It is honoring to your Creator. Do not be shamed into diminishing yourself into a muted version of you simply because others are jealous, intimidated, or judgmental. You are My joy and glory. Live to please Me.

2 Replies to “My Crowning Glory ”

  1. Yet another word that melts me. It is like hearing the Father speaking directly to me. I am thinking this is part of the word for Crown of Glory silk- and relish the idea of soon being able to read it in its entirety. Deep gratitude from my heart to you- love the way you listen and move in Him. Even in your photograph, one can see the light shining through in your eyes, smile and heart. I hope I can reflect Him more like that😊

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