Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries)

I shared a version this on my personal blog several years back, but this is worth revisiting. Sometimes people wonder “why” I’ve chosen various colors or oils for their scarf (or art), or why one scarf letter is less than half a page and another is three pages. The only way I can answer that is by talking about the nature of God and how He wants to use this ministry.

The purpose of Dyed4you Ministries is to facilitate encounters with the living God.

To quote our about us page, the heart behind Dyed4you Ministries is about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. Everything we do is intended to further that mission and foster deeper relationship with Him. We like to remind people that the words that come from Dyed4you Ministries (whether via art or silkProphetic Nugget, etc.) are not intended to be entire conversations in and of themselves, but rather portions of a conversation.

So if you aren’t having ongoing dialogue with the Father, we hope a word from Dyed4you Ministries will kick that conversation off! And if you’re already having great ongoing dialogue, we hope a word from us will bring confirmation or expand something you’ve already heard from Him.  You shouldn’t have to come back to Dyed4you Ministries whenever you want another encounter, but rather we offer tools to encourage new depths in your own personal relationship with God.  Even for the seasoned believer – there’s always new depths… we serve a limitless God 🙂

Sometimes people are frustrated or disappointed by what God doesn’t share. But what I’ve learned is that often He has “not shared” intentionally – so that the recipient will SEEK.  We have to remember that God is all about relationship. Even the words He gives through the art and scarves are a portion of that relationship, a way to touch you – to comfort, encourage or exhort you (1 Corinthians 14:3).

One of the names of God is Gelah Raz, which means Revealer of Mysteries.  God loves to go treasure hunting with us (where revelation and knowledge of-or-from Him is the treasure).  Kirk Bennett (from IHOP Kansas City and founder of ZHOP) shared a word picture that gave me such insight into this name that I want to share it with you as I paraphrased it on my blog at the time as well as my personal response to it.

When I play hide and seek with my two-year-old son, it is not hard for me to hide.  If I wanted to I could get in my car and drive off 5 miles… what’s the likelihood he’d find me then?  But instead, I hide behind a curtain with the toe of one shoe sticking out… the point is I want to be found… but I want to be sought out.

And frankly, it’s all about the relationship we build along the way… the time spent together is a FAR greater treasure than the mysteries being revealed… because He is the greatest mystery. And the greatest treasure.

Suddenly I loved Him even more because He has these mysteries for us because we like it! We like the chase, we like the hunt… it engages us and makes us think… and He loves to watch us work… see how we work through things… He loves us. He’s a good Daddy. He’s not hiding things to be mean, but He knows how much more we will value what is found if we’ve had to work for it a bit.

All this to say, I encourage you to take the words you receive through this ministry and seek the Lord for more.  What you get from Dyed4you Ministries is only a small piece of what God is wanted to download to you. So jump into the depths of what He wants to share and may God bless you richly as you seek Him with your whole heart!

5 Replies to “Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries)”

  1. Yes, He loves to share His heart with us,! but we need to be hungry for Him too. If He gave us whatever we wanted every time, we would get bored and wouldn’t seek Him.
    Really though, He pursues us more then we pursue Him….. He is so passionate for each one of us, remember:
    Knock. …. take the first letter off each word…what does it spell? Yep….ASK.
    Each word is an active act on our part….
    Let’s chase after Him, after all, He WANTS us to catch Him!

  2. SOOO SOOOO True !! Love this word ! I LOVE the way God confirms things to us through many different avenues. He KNOWS our hearts and Speaks to our hearts the way He knows that we will understand. He is SO personal to each and every one of us. I also find that I can limit Him if I expect something a certain way and I get disappointed. But then I shut down my heart from receiving what else he wants to give me. I try to stay open and expectant to see HIM move in the way HE wants to <3 Love this and Love your heart at Dyed4You Ministries. So blessed by you all !! <3

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