I Desire for You to Flourish

1 John 3:4 (AMP) Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness [ignoring God’s law by action or neglect or by tolerating wrongdoing—being unrestrained by His commands and His will].

Beloved, I have shared My will, My instructions, in My word. Do not deceive yourself or allow others to deceive you that I somehow do not mean what I say. I have provided these boundaries for you because I LOVE you. Not to restrain or exert My control over you, but because I KNOW the effect not following them has, and I desire better for you. I desire for you to flourish and prosper. Align with My will and My instructions, and watch blessing pour forth. For I have promised that if you heed My voice, blessings will come upon you and overtake you.

My will is not a mystery. I have made it clearly known. I invite you and welcome you to know Me more. Read My word and allow My Spirit to guide and teach you. I LONG to be known by you. If you poured out your heart in a love letter, you’d desire that it be read and cherished, for it is your heart on paper, and no one who bares their soul wants to be rejected or ignored. In the same way, I have laid My heart bare before you, come and know Me more, beloved, for My heart for you is love. I yearn to see you blessed and flourishing! Walk in My ways.

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