I AM Your Source of Strength

Psalm 30:7 (AMP) By Your favor and grace, O Lord, you have made my mountain stand strong; You hid Your face, and I was horrified.

Beloved, I will not turn My face from you while your heart and mind are fixed on Me. When you choose Me, I will never desert you. But I love you enough to let you choose. I love you enough to let you walk away – though I will not make it easy for you to do so, hedging your way with thorns and fiercely pursuing you – but I will not force you to choose Me, though I AM best for you; yet I will hope, and I will contend for your affections because you are worth it.

Even in the darkest hour, My heart remains steadfast to you. So lean on Me. Let Me give you strength, be your strength, be the lifter of your head (for I AM Rum Rosh, the Lifter of Your Head). I AM God.

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