Immanuel (God with Us)

Isaiah 7:14 (VOICE) …The Lord will give you a proof-sign anyway: See, a young maiden will conceive. She will give birth to a son and name Him Immanuel, that is, “God with us.”

Beloved, I AM with you always, for I AM YHVH Shammah – the Lord is present. And as a reminder of My presence, I sent My very own Son to dwell among you: Immanuel – a reminder that I (God) am with you.

Conceived of a virgin – an undeniable miracle that you might clearly see My hand at work, He is a reflection of My love made physically manifest that you might know Me more. My desire is for connection with you. Everything I do is to increase that depth of intimacy, for I love you. Never doubt, that you are Mine, beloved, but also remember I AM yours.

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