Be in Place

Isaiah 34:16 (VOICE) You can look for it and read all about it in the book of the Eternal One. None of these creatures will be missing and none will lack a mate Because His voice has given the order and His Spirit has gathered them in that place.

Beloved, I AM gathering My children to Myself. Calling you in from the east and the west, the north and the south – bringing you closer still to Me. Come, beloved. Pay heed to the call. Be mindful of the times and the seasons, for My children know – yes they know, as the time draws near. 

My Spirit is leading – will you not listen? Refuse to be caught lacking – like the foolish virgins without enough oil (Matthew 25), or out of place – like the wedding guests who refused to come (Matthew 22). Rather be perfectly aligned with Me. My sheep know My voice – YOU know My voice – follow it, beloved, and be in place.

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