Lost in Love

Song of Songs 4:10 (TPT) How satisfying to me, my equal, my bride. Your love is my finest wine—intoxicating and thrilling. And your sweet, perfumed praises—so exotic, so pleasing.

Beloved, do you know how you move Me? Do you know how your affections minister to My heart? My love for you is powerful and overwhelming, but surely you must know that yours is equally affecting to Me. You are My deepest desire – the apple of My eye, for you to choose Me and pursue Me is the sweetest of gifts!

Let’s stay enthralled with one another – just as newlyweds exist in a place all their own even in a crowded room. Let’s abide in that place where nothing can intervene – where our gazes stay locked together even as the world goes on around us and life’s distractions won’t steal the focus. Come, beloved, and get lost in love with Me.

[This is the other Prophetic Nugget that we shared during this week’s Lunchtime Live which was included in yesterday’s post.]

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