At Work in Every Moment

Jeremiah 32:27 (VOICE) Eternal One: Look! I am the Eternal, the God of all living things. Is anything too difficult for Me?

Beloved, refuse to allow Me to be made small in your eyes. Refuse to believe the lies that I do not see or My arm is too short – I AM more than able. I AM the God of heaven and earth. I AM sovereign, God Most High. My glory is infinite, it knows no end. Remind yourself who I AM and that I AM trustworthy. Leave your life in My hands.

When you see a problem in your life, don’t waste time and energy worrying over it. Instead, look to Me and ask Me for My wisdom, and My course of action. Be excited to see My creative solutions. And when you think I’ve overlooked you or forgotten to act, remind yourself that is not like Me, and be expectant for the unexpected, knowing I AM at work in every moment.

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