Jehovah Cela (the Lord my Rock)

Psalm 18:2 (VOICE) The Eternal is my rock, my fortress, and my salvation; He is my True God, the stronghold in which I hide, my strong shield, the horn that calls forth help, and my tall-walled tower.

Beloved, I AM the one true God, and My strength is beyond compare. And yet with you I’m gentle, and I see to all your care. I AM the same throughout the generations, so you can rest assured. For to all who call My name, I AM the bedrock of their faith – stable and resilient.

You need never fear the trials, or worry at the unknown, for you know that I AM with you and I AM as solid as they come. I AM your strong tower, and I AM the lifter of your head. So put your trust in Me, My love, and simply choose to rest. I AM Jehovah Cela – the Lord your Rock, and I AM the same forever, so rely on Me and rest.